Entomological Museum (EMTU)

Entomological Museum of Trakya University (EMTU), located in the Department of Biology of Trakya University, is the Entomology Museum which contains insect groups. In our department, there are scientific collections of our valuable professors who study insect taxonomy and systematics. In addition to various insect groups reflecting the biological richness and diversity of the Thrace region, the museum also has a rich collection of insect fauna collected from various regions of our country. The number of individuals and species belonging to insect groups found in EMTU is approximately: Lepidoptera 10,000 specimens and 600 species; Hymenoptera 80,000 specimens and 1200 species; Heteroptera 20,000 samples and 150 species; Odonata 3,000 samples 56 species; Neuroptera 2200 specimens and 60 species.

The entomology museum is at the service of scientists working with the relevant insect groups, with more than 100,000 insect materials and approximately 2000 species identified.

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