Goals and Objectives

Mission of Trakya University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology is to educate students who have contemporary biology knowledge, who are qualified, who can produce solutions and who can contribute to social development; to create an academic structure with knowledge, experience and infrastructure in current biological sciences; to conduct research that can create solutions to local and global problems; to contribute to the knowledge in biological sciences; to present its experience in education and research to the service of society and humanity.


Our vision is to educate students having a world-class quality, qualified, dynamic and innovative academic structure, a modern infrastructure required by contemporary biological sciences; nationally and internationally known for its academic achievements and education quality; competitive in any environment, high-quality, assertive, have contemporary biology knowledge; giving importance to studies that will create solutions to the biological problems of our country and the world and having a say in this field; contributing to national and universal development with the education and training it provides, the knowledge and technology it produces; raising graduates who can communicate and cooperate effectively with their stakeholders, who are preferred with their potential.

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