Goals and Objectives

Mission of Trakya University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology is to give biology education with undergraduate and graduateeducation programs, according to universal standards; make scientific researchs and publications at the international level; to train biologists that are qualified in research and development needs in the national research centers, national, industry, agriculture, research institutes, hospitals and universities, that can research ethic studies in accordance with the fundamental principles of the natural sciences, problem-solving skills, enhanced awareness to protect the environment and biological richness, Community leaders, qualified trained and equipped with modern information technology and knowledge that will contribute to the production of knowledge.

Vision of the Department Of Biology to enter the best of which the first ten episodes in Biology education departments in our country. To conduct at least one advanced research Project supported by national sources (TÜBİTAK, DPT, such as BAP) by each academic member.To take a part at least one or more European Union Projects. To have at least one or higher number of annual publications per academic members. To give opportunity for to work in advanced research projects to undergraduate students have high academic potential skills that are in third or fourth classes in education. To have advanced level knowledge of English language and computer use of graduated students. To implement university-industry cooperation projects in National industry and in needed areas in industry .To characterize phenotypic, biochemical and molecularbiodiversity of plants, fungus, animal and microorganisms in our country. To create living and non-living culture collectionsand to be come important reference laboratories. To be a department with qualified education and training and producing information at the international level and constantly evolving, follow scientific developments and contibute with the scientific researchs for to lead scientific development of our university and country.

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