Program Learning Outcomes




Teaching students on how to use the biological knowledge they were given throughout biology education and to support them on skills and information about which they feel an insufficiency.


Providing students ability of collecting data on a particular field, desining and performing and experiment, analysing and interpreting the results.


Preparing students to present their solutions to problems orally or electronically.


Teaching students to gain an ability of individual development and to mention the necessity of such a development in professional life.


Making student develop their self confidence to take responsibility in personal and group studies and force them to develeop an adaptation ability for group studies.


Making them consider social and scientific ethic rules in data collections, analysis, interpretations and presentations.


Reaching current data and evaluation, interpretation and application of these data by carrying on scientific researchs based on a framework established on qualifications of graduate.


Expanding current scientific knowledge in a particular field by scientific methods based on usage of present limited and/or missing data, and use of these new data in scientifically, socially and ethically.


Designing a new problem in a particular field, defining solution methods, solving the problem, evaluating the obtained data and using them when necessary.


Presenting recent develeopments in a particular field to others, in and/or out of the field in question, in a sistematic way using written, oral and visual data.


Developing new strategical approaches for unwanted puzzling cases that could appear in a particular field and putting forward solutions for such problems undertaking the responsibility.


Being able to communicate in oral and written language at least for one foreing language.


Contributing to science by expanding the limits of a particular field by making publications in national and/or international peer-rewieved journals on peculiar studies either reporting new mtehods in science or applying an already known method in a new field of science.

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