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The Department of Biology was one of the first departments involved in the establishment of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Trakya University, and started education in 1982 with formal education at the undergraduate level. Since 1993, II. education has been also started and since 2002 admitting students to education to II. education has been terminated. The department, which started education with 7 instructors and 20 students in its establishment, still has 18 Prof.Dr., 8 Assoc.Dr., 3 Dr. Instructor Member, 4 Research Assistant Dr., 1 Specialist Dr. and 1 Res. See. He continues his education and research activities in 7 departments (General Biology, Botany, Zoology, Hydrobiology, Molecular Biology, Basic and Industrial Microbiology, Ecology) with a total of 35 lecturers. In the 2020-2021 academic year, there are a total of 223 students at the undergraduate level (formal education) in our department, and a total of 69 students at the graduate level, 48 in the Master's and 21 in the PhD program. Our graduate program attracts large numbers of students thanks to its strong, competitive, well-trained Researchers. The number of SCI-Expanded publications made in our department in 2019-2020 is 29. Our department conducts research in the disciplines of Taxonomy, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Cytotaxonomy, Molecular Biology, Basic and Industrial Microbiology, Behavioral Ecology, Plant Embryology, Plant Sociology, Hydrobiology, and inland water ecology with its dynamic, competitive, up-to-date researchers and equipped laboratories.

Trakya University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology Undergraduate Program was entitled to a 5-year accreditation between 2016-2021 and is the seventh Biology Undergraduate Program accredited throughout Turkey. The primary strategic goal of our department is to continue the operation and continuity of the accreditation process and quality control mechanisms, to train preferable graduates and to produce higher quality scientific products.

The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) has announced that accredited programs will be specified in the preference guide in order to encourage the accreditation process and to enable candidates to make an informed choice. Accredited programs are institutions that have a continuous improvement approach, operate quality assurance systems, have a transparent, accountable and competitive structure in their systems, and these features are constantly audited by independent institutions that operate international quality assurance norms. The fact that students who graduate from accredited departments find a job more easily or are preferred in the market undoubtedly offers great advantages to those who graduate from these departments.

Department of Biology; It consists of seven departments: General Biology, Zoology, Botany, Hydrobiology, Molecular Biology, Basic and Industrial Microbiology, Ecology. Biological science, which aims to understand living creatures and living systems, is divided into many sub-branches in terms of research topics. The laboratories in our department have the appropriate infrastructure and technological equipment for students to make practical applications related to the courses and to carry out advanced research studies. Projects supported by Trakya University TÜBİTAK and DPT are carried out by the biology department academic staff, and cooperation is maintained with universities, research laboratories and centers at national and international level.

Graduates of Biology Department can work in academic staff of universities. In addition, they can work in laboratories affiliated to health institutions, private research institutes, organizations affiliated to the Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, and they can find job opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Graduates who have the necessary certificate can teach in private or public schools. Our department cooperates with various international universities, research laboratories and centers.
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