Teaching Purposes

Trakya University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department's teaching purposes are listed below and our website is included in the Bologna Information package teaching objectives section: (http://tueobs.trakya.edu.tr/PresentationLayer/root/program/prog_navigator.aspx?path=2_1


TP1. It is trained for areas where current knowledge in the field of biology can be used theoretically and practically.

TP2. It is ensured that all information in the field of biology is approached with the awareness of lifelong learning.

TP3. They are adapted to individual and team work by the working methods acquired in the program.

TP4. With the knowledge gained depending on the conditions of the day, the awareness of complying with professional and ethical principles throughout life is gained.

TP5. By gaining a biologist perspective, sensitivity towards the environment and biological diversity is created.

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